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Goddess Gaia at Denmark's First Women's Healthcare Summit in Copenhagen

It was such an honour to be a #keynotespeaker on women’s health, highlighting the critical gaps in women ‘s healthcare and the lived challenges we face in our healthcare systems.

Thank you to Angella Invest BioInnovation Institute and Export and Investment Fund of Denmark for the invitation and hosting Denmark ‘s very first women’s healthcare summit in Copenhagen today 🇩🇰 🇩🇰 🇩🇰 it was a total sell out🚀

💰Massive white space opportunity in women ‘s healthcare

🎈 Women’s health, according to McKinsey & Company report with Women Economic Forum (WEF) is a $1 Trillion Market ( The Dawnof the FemTech Revolution and Closing the Women’s Health Gap)

💖 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation suggests that investing in the economic power and health of women could boost the global economy by $10 trillion by 2030

💐#ai has the power to revolutionise healthcare and healthcare outcomes but we need more female data points

💖 #GoddessGaiaventures and #steelskyventures have a high conviction that women’s health companies are venture- backable

🚀 women’s health is a mission driven, impactful value creation sector, aligning with LP values in a post ZIRP zeitgeist

💖hubs and accelerators like BioInnovation Institute and Angella Invest are the birthing ground for innovative, sustainable tech in this investment vertical

🏉Women’s health investment flourished in the past 5 years experiencing a 314%increase in investments compared to a 28 % increase in overall healthcare investments

With its life sciences footprint #denmark has the power to produce some fantastic innovation to tackle tough health problems and pave the way for #scalable #sustainable ways to improve women’s healthcare.

Just $300M invested into research focused on women could deliver a $13B economic return (#womenshealthmattersreport)

*Stats taken from various sources including Femtech insider and SVB innovation in women’s healthcare report 2023

Source: LinkedIn


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