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A Glimpse into Priya Oberoi’s Professional Journey: An Exclusive with Maddyness

⭐ How #innovation and #investment are changing the #womenshealthgame

Our Founding General Partner Priya Oberoi has shared with Maddyness her

professional journey so far - from working in a London based law firm, to building Europe’s first dedicated women’s health #VC fund.

Priya discusses:

- How her battle with cancer inspired a mission to tap into the underserved women's healthcare sector - currently at a $1trillion potential

- Goddess Gaia Ventures’s proven track record in health care investments - investing in over 150 companies and with a portfolio of 11 transformative women’s healthcare startups across the UK and Europe

- One of the biggest opportunities for women’s healthcare - Women’s Sport - an industry predicted to reach more than £1b a year by 2030


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