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We are proud angel investors in companies that tackle women's health and wellness. Our portfolio includes: 


Fetal heart rate wearable that uses wave technology to measure baby’s heart rate


AI powered B2C physical training app that supports women through life stages


AI-powered breastfeeding and early parenthood support app


Digital B2B Platform that assists and supports women trying to conceive.

Syrona Health

Digital health solution supporting life-stages in the workplace - Endometriosis, PCOS, Menopause , Cancer etc



Making mental health accessible to everyone with revolutionary personalised music sessions led by scientifically trained UK musicians

Planet Nourish

Digital health platform focused on helping people tackle Type 2 diabetes

Nabta Health

Hybrid healthcare platform offering telehealth and in person treatment in GCC​


Online B2C healthcare clinic for women offering one-to-one support


Eco friendly ethical brand curating sustainable period products

Holly Health

Holly Health

Personalised health and wellbeing coaching for better physical and mental health, guided by clinical and psychological evidence

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