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Wendy Lamin

Co-Founder & MD at Holoxica

Wendy Lamin is Co-founder & MD of Holoxica, a high-tech company specialised in holographic 3D solutions with several world firsts in 3D medical visualisation. Holoxica’s latest innovation aims to democratise, humanise and digitise healthcare communications and empower patients with its 3D Telemedicine proof of concept software suite for remote 3D healthcare consultations.

Wendy is v.4.0, 3.0 and 2.0:

  • Professionally, she is Wendy 4.0: from litigation lawyer, to risk & insurance broker, to global digital change management & comms, to 3D tech entrepreneur @Holoxica;

  • Health-wise, she is Wendy 3.0 after 2x pre-eclampsia, a stroke and ME/CFS, all increased health risks for women

  • Nationality-wise, she is Wendy 2.0, Belgian and a new Scot

Wendy Lamin
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