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Kathrin Folkendt

Founder at Femtech Insider, GGV Advisor

Innovator in Women’s Health at FemTech Insider and PERLA Health

Kathrin Folkendt is the Founder & CEO of Femtech Insider, the globally leading platform for women’s health innovation and PERLA Health, a femtech company reinventing the PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) diagnostics and care experience.

Kathrin started her career in the tech industry at Intel and Hewlett-Packard leading the organizations’ marketing efforts in Europe. From there she went on to work with numerous startups and scale-ups like Prezi and Hearsay Systems across Europe, Asia and the United States. Since being diagnosed with PCOS and understanding first-hand how underserved, under-researched and underfunded the women’s health space is, Kathrin has dedicated her time and efforts to innovating the healthcare industry, working with stakeholders across the women’s health innovation ecosystem.

Kathrin is a frequent speaker on femtech, PCOS women’s health and media innovation and an advisor to multiple women’s health funds, startups and research programs.

Kathrin Folkendt
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