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Tech Funding News Exclusive Interview with Founding General Partner Priya Oberoi by James Cousins

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

  • Priya Oberoi, founder of GG Ventures, has established a £100 million fund for women's healthcare technology.

  • Priya's journey was inspired by her personal health struggles, including cancer and fertility treatment, which exposed the gender gap in healthcare innovation.

  • Goddess Gaia Ventures focuses on women-centric healthcare and aims to bridge the funding gap between seed and Series A.

  • The fund seeks startups in five key areas: female cancers, female fertility, female lifestyle diseases, female wellness, and femtech.

  • Goddess Gaia Ventures emphasizes the importance of diversity in investment decisions to support women in healthcare.

  • The venture fund intends to scale its invested companies into the US market, recognizing its significance in the healthcare industry.


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