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GGV's Presence at LSX World Congress: A Glimpse into the Future of Healthcare

GGV made waves at this year's LSX World Congress, where they participated in the #HealthechLeaders panel, bringing together esteemed experts in the women's health field. Priya Oberoi, General Partner at Goddess Gaia Ventures (GGV), lent her valuable insights as a notable panelist. The event was a dynamic exploration of key topics shaping the future of women's health.

Exploring Progress, Funding, and Innovation in Women's Health: During the panel discussion, the industry's best minds delved into pressing issues:

🔍 Evaluating Progress: Can the deal flow in women's health match that of general health?

💰 Funding Insights: Identifying opportunities and addressing funding gaps in women's health.

💼 Raising Capital: Gaining a deep understanding of investor expectations for companies in this sector.

🏥 Consumer-Friendly Innovation: Striking a balance between user-friendliness and stringent medical standards.

📚 Closing the Education Gap: Implementing strategies to enhance health literacy among women.

Meet Our Expert Panel:

  • Annemijn Eschauzier, Independent Advisor & Board Member

  • Evie Mulberry, Managing Partner, Astia

  • Priya Oberoi, General Partner at Goddess Gaia Ventures (GGV)

  • Keren Leshem, CEO, OCON Healthcare

  • Elizabeth Bailey, Managing Director, RH Capital

  • Carrie Walter, Co-CEO, Clue by Biowink


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